Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Introduction to my blog


My name is Christine.I am presently based in Chicago with hubby Praneet and our 2 babies- a girl named Serene Anastasia aged 17 months and a boy named Eli John aged 2.5 months!This should tell you how busy my life is right now :-) thought it would be fun to share the trivia of my day to day life with the public- in today's fast paced world.. where folks are scared of having 1 baby, here I have 2- who are just 14 months apart!LOL.... actually, right now I feel like one of those companies who show you Utopia to lure you in and once the noose is around your neck- the real story unfolds!
OK<>so, I pro.. mise( and no fingers crossed) that there will be no sugar-coating.. I will say things as they actually are!
I work with project management for an I.T company and am presently on maternity leave.I'm really thankful for the choice of profession at this stage in my life...being organised surely helps when single handedly caring for 2 little ones...
The most amusing part is the looks I get when I take them out.. they vary from pity( 2 babies... aah you poor thing!) to awe( wow.. you're brave. you go girl).. to irritation( WHAT were you thinking of) to sympathy( was that steamy half hour even worth it!).. ok ok, before the husband yelps,half hour is just just an analogy for time... hee hee hee.

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